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  • Press Release 6-08-2018

    • Chandigarh, Aug 6 – Haryana Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Lal has given approval to increase the height of roof of Municipal Corporation booths located at Meena (Meera Bazar) Yamunanagar to 12 feet and grant rebate of 20 per cent in interest amount.
    • While stating this here today, Urban Local Bodies Minister, Mrs. Kavita Jain said that the office bearers of Meena (Meera Bazar) Welfare Association had raised the demand for increasing the height of roofs of booths to 12 feet, granting relaxation of 25 per cent to tenants on increased amount of rent after five years and to regularise the subletting of booths. The Chief Minister held a meeting and discussed the matter with officers.
    • She said that the Chief Minister has given approval to booth owners for increasing the height of booths to 12 feet at their own expenses on the condition that the owners would not construct any storage slab in the booths and the ownership rights would remain with the Municipal Corporation. She said that if the booth owner deposits the outstanding interest on total amount of rent within 60 days in the Municipal Corporation Fund, 20 per cent rebate would be granted in interest amount.
    • The Minister said that subletting could be got regularised after depositing subletting fee.
    • Chandigarh, August 6--While reiterating the state government’s firm commitment and resolve to eradicate the menace of drugs and lending strong support to any endevour to free the society free from the evils of drug abuse and drug addiction, the Haryana Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Lal, has called for a joint action by all states to curb the drug menace.
    • In a letter written in response to the letter of his Punjab counterpart, Capt. Amarinder Singh, regarding curbing the problem of drug menace from society, Mr Manohar Lal said the Haryana Government was fully committed to effectively checking the smuggling and sale of narcotics, and to fully cooperating with all states.
    • Terming drug addiction as most serious problem for the future of nation's youth, the Chief Minister said Haryana is not a drug growing state. The Haryana Police have taken stringent measures to apprehend not only the persons involved in the sale of smuggled drugs but also to trace their roots and transportation routes.
    • Apart from this, a Special Task Force (STF) was set up in January, 2018 to curb drug menace and apprehend drug smugglers. The STF is working in close coordination with neighbouring states, including Punjab, he added.
    • The Police Department regularly launches special campaigns to apprehend drug peddlers. Moreover, Food and Drug Administration has also been involved in nabbing the suppliers of medical intoxicants to make Haryana a drug-free State.
    •  Stressing the need for improvement in actionable intelligence shared by the Punjab Police, the Chief Minister suggested regular border district meetings between senior police officers of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan for intelligence sharing and strategy development. “I assure you of strict and prompt action whenever any precise and authentic information is shared by Punjab Police”, he said.
    • “Since you claim to have banished all drug smugglers and peddlers from Punjab, you may like to consider introducing some programms for involvement of youth in constructive activities; said Mr Manohar Lal, adding that the leading role of Haryana's youth in winning laurels and medals for our nation in various sports, athletic and other prestigious international events is well known”.
    •  While sharing some of the recent trail-blazing state-wide innovations, he  said since November 1, 2016, the state government has launched Saksham, India’s first employment guarantee scheme for educated unemployed. Under the scheme, over 60,000 post-graduates and graduates are getting 100 hours of work per month and a payment of Rs 9,000 and Rs 7,500 per month respectively. In addition, one Yog Shala each has been set up in 1,000 villages.
    • Under a new programme called "Raahgiri" marathon runs, street plays and other cultural activities are being organized on regular basis in various districts to create a positive and healthy narrative.
    • An initiative called "Prabal Prahaar" has been launched in Sirsa district where a group of village youth volunteers have taken up the fight against drugs. Besides, a nationwide Student Police Cadet  programme was launched from Gurugram by the Union Home Minister in July, 2018 which would encourage the youth to invest their energies in nation building and refrain from using drugs, the Chief Minister added.

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