Press Releases

04 April 2020

  • Chandigarh, April 4- Haryana Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Lal urged the youth of the State to use their time productively and in the best way possible. He said that people are restricted to their homes and all they are hearing and talking about is Corona, whether it is radio, social media or television, everyone is being bombarded with news, both true and false. However, we must not panic and feel fear, the only Mantra to fight COVID-19 is social distancing, he added.
  • He said this while addressing the people of the state through television today.
  • He appealed to the people to share only authentic news and realize what the actual situation is and help others understand it as well. He also urged the youth to make a to-do list, first thing in the morning, which should include all the tasks that they seek to accomplish throughout the day. He said that they should allocate some time for their studies, entertainment, meditation, physical activities, yoga, learning, and rest. By doing this, the youth can focus their energy in the right direction and will be able to make the most of their time.
  • He further said that in these tough times, one must become tough like commandos and also think like them, only then we will be able to tide over the situation. The Chief Minister said that the primary responsibility of the youth is to study and acquire knowledge during the lockdown while staying at home. He urged them to not consider this lockdown as a vacation but use each and every day to study. He said that those who had to give up studying can now sit at home and start afresh as learning is a lifelong process. One should employ methods like self-learning, self-teaching, learning by fun (LBF). Similarly, weblinks and e-books can also be used to enhance knowledge and practice self-studying.
  • He further said that teachers in schools and colleges can record their lectures or lessons and can use Learning Management Systems (LMS) to teach. He also said that the youth always look for opportunities to prepare for competitive exams and now is the best time to prepare. However, this time around the real test will be of their wisdom, he added.
  • The Chief Minister also said that in the current situation the people can inculcate new habits and get rid of bad ones like smoking, drinking, etc as it is said that if we practice something over the next 15 days, we can surely bring change to our character.
  • He said that we can also work towards nurturing hobbies that earlier did not have time for and can also hone our skills. We can start painting, gardening, cooking, playing instruments, and can also provide a helping hand to the family with household chores which can be beneficial for us in the future. He also encouraged the youth to learn multiple foreign as well as regional languages in order to increase employment opportunities for them globally.
  • Mr. Manohar Lal said that he interacted with the youth of the State to get an insight into the productive use of this lockdown period by them.
  • One of the youths he spoke to is Vishal Makkar of Panchkula who said that he is doing yoga and meditation these days and serving his parents along with pursuing old hobbies like making cartoons etc. The Chief Minister said that we should spend quality time with our family members and learn from the experiences of the elders. The Chief Minister also spoke to Komal from Bhiwani who said that she is also teaching her mother English. The Chief Minister said that at this time, people must take care of psychological health along with their families. Mr. Manohar Lal also spoke to Karan Ilahawadi of Bahadurgarh and learned that "Karan has contemplated what he can do to serve the country by sitting with his brother and father". He also urged the youth to exercise and stay fit.
  • The Chief Minister also spoke to Sports Minister, Mr. Sandeep Singh who said that the players should overcome their shortcomings during the lockdown. The Chief Minister further said that in view of the postponement of the Olympic Games one year ahead, players of Haryana have one more year to practice and better their performance to bring laurels to the State.
  • He also encouraged the youth to contribute to society by volunteering and we should keep in mind the families of the doctors, nurses, paramedics, security personnel, and sanitation workers, field guards who are working for us. He also appealed to the people of the State to follow authentic news only.