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04 April 2021
04 April 2021

Chandigarh, April 4 - Haryana Chief Minister, Sh. Manohar Lal said that adequate arrangements have been done for wheat procurement. Mandis are not overcrowded. He said that due to moisture in the weather, the crop is coming ten days late to the Mandis.

Sh. Manohar Lal said that all the farmers have been registered on the portal for bringing their wheat crop to the procurement centres. However, crops of those farmers whose crops are harvested early would also be procured without a schedule. The purchase schedule of all such farmers would be made as per their convenience, he added.

The Chief Minister said this while interacting with media persons at PWD rest house in Karnal today.

The Chief Minister said that because of the moisture in wheat, there is a delay in the arrival of the crop. Though the government has started the procurement of wheat from April 1, 2021, itself.

The farmers do face difficulty in the first one or two days of procurement. He said that Karnal farmers were facing difficulty in the procurement of their early crops but now after holding tPWD rest house in Karnal today.alks with the Deputy Commissioner, the purchase schedule would be made as per the requirement of the farmers. Farmers need not worry, every grain of their crop will be purchased, said the Chief Minister.

Chief Minister writes a letter to people of Awali Village

The Chief Minister wrote an open letter to the people of Anwali village, urging them to maintain social harmony. In the letter, he also strongly advised people not to indulge in politics on social issues.

Responding to a question asked regarding the letter, the Chief Minister said that he has written a letter to the people of the village about his visit to the village in which he had said that some people are doing politics, while the State Government intends to maintain social harmony and the spirit of brotherhood.

The Chief Minister exhorted such people who are unnecessarily doing politics should refrain from doing so otherwise they will have to bear the consequences.

Follow COVID-19 guidelines, urges Chief Minister

While urging the people of the state to religiously follow the COVID-19 guidelines, the Chief Minister said that everyone should take precautionary measures to safeguard themselves from the infection. The third wave of the corona is going on in the state. Therefore he appealed to everyone to take precautions and said that every citizen should wear a mask, use sanitiser and maintain six feet distance, said the Chief Minister.

New system implemented to ease traffic congestion in Karnal City

On the ban of two-wheelers in the markets of Karnal under the Smart City, the Chief Minister said that arrangements have to be made to ease congestion in the market. This ban has been implemented as an experiment and if it becomes successful with the cooperation of all, then everyone will be benefited because of this. Everyone should cooperate with the administration, he added.

Expresses condolences for soldiers who martyred in Chhattisgarh

The Chief Minister expressed grief over the martyrdom of soldiers who lost their life in Chhattisgarh. While paying homage to them he said that such an incident is painful and he strongly condemns such violent incidents.

Releases Smart Cursive Worksheet Book

The Chief Minister released the Smart Cursive Worksheet Book for the children of Karnal at the PWD Rest House. To improve the writing of children, this special book has been prepared by the Satya Foundation, a social organization in Karnal. The Chief Minister congratulated the President of the organization, Sh. Sandeep Nain and Vice- President, Sh. Naveen Verma for this noble cause.

Sh. Sandeep Nain apprised the Chief Minister that the organization will provide free of cost cursive writing courses for poor children studying from classes III to VIII.

He informed the Chief Minister that their organization is constantly making dedicated efforts to save birds and water, for which the organization has also arranged wooden nests in various colonies of Karnal, due to which thousands of birds are now flocking the area.