Press Releases

06 May 2020
06 May 2020

  • Chandigarh, May 6- Haryana, Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Lal was presented with cheques of Rs 87,73,903 as a contribution towards Corona Relief Fund by Education Minister Mr. Kanwar Pal here late in the evening.
  • This amount was given to the Education Minister by various individuals, institutions, establishments, organizations of educational institutions, transport organizations, industrial organizations, and representatives of industries, officials, and representatives associated with wood and plywood industries, as well as religious organizations, among others.
  • On this occasion, the Chief Minister said that along with social organizations people from different sections of the society were also contributing towards the fight to prevent the spread of COVID-19, as well as helping to improve the system. He assured the people of the state that soon Haryana will defeat this disease.
  • Chandigarh May 6: Haryana Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Lal directed all Deputy Commissioners and Superintendents of Police to constitute district level teams headed by a Magistrate and comprising of officers of Police and Excise and Taxation Department so as to eradicate smuggling of illegal liquor across the inter-state borders and also to prevent the supply of non-duty paid liquor from the distilleries to the vends.
  • Mr Manohar Lal was presiding over a meeting with all the Deputy Commissioners (DCs) and Superintendents of Police (SPs) through video conferencing here today. Deputy Chief Minister, Mr Dushyant Chautala was also present in the meeting.
  • The Chief Minister also appreciated the DCs and SPs for their efforts in containing the spread of Corona virus in the State.
  • The Chief Minister directed the DCs and SPs to ensure quick installation and regular monitoring of flow meters in every distillery. While directing the SPs to identify illegal godowns of liquor, if any, in their districts, he said that an inventory of such liquor seized by police should also be prepared.
  • The Chief Minister asked the DCs and SPs to ensure that vehicles carrying mining material and having valid e–Rawana slip should not be stopped unnecessarily. He said that 400 to 500 vehicles involved in illegal mining have been impounded in the State with maximum number of such vehicles from the districts of Sonipat, Ambala, Faridabad, Narnaul, Palwal and Panchkula. He asked the DCs of these districts to ensure that if the owner failed to get their vehicle released, they should start the process for the auction of such vehicles.
  • Mr Manohar Lal said that though the migrant labourers are eager to return to their home towns, the concerned Deputy Commissioners should try to pacify them to remain in Haryana as after the lockdown, industrial and other economic activities have been resumed in the State in a phased manner. For the agricultural labour and other migrant labour from other States of India who are keen on returning, the registration process has been started at the local level.
  • He said that today, the State Government has sent a special train for the migrant labourers from Hisar to Katihar in Bihar. Apart from this, 8 more trains would also be sent to various destinations in the next one or two days. In addition, arrangement of buses has also been made for the migrant labourers going to Uttar Pradesh. He said that as the Home Department has issued SOPs in this regard, all the DCs and SPs should ensure that these are followed in letter and spirit to facilitate the return of migrant labour and other agricultural labour in a safe and systematic manner.
  • The Chief Minister also asked the DCs to ensure the supply of distress ration for the month of May and June to the unorganized labour who do not have any ration cards. He said that it should be ensured that no such person remains deprived of food.
  • Among those present in the meeting included Chief Secretary, Mrs Keshni Anand Arora, Principal Secretary to Chief Minister Mr Rajesh Khullar, Additional Principal Secretary to Chief Minister Mr V. Umashankar, Additional Chief Secretary, Home Mr Vijai Vardhan, Principal Secretary, Excise and Taxation Mr Anurag Rastogi, Director General of Police Mr Manoj Yadava and ADGP CID Mr Anil Rao.
  • Chandigarh, May 6- Haryana Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Lal conveyed his regards to Bihar Chief Minister, Mr. Nitish Kumar while interacting with stranded migrant labourers who will be returning to Bihar on special Shramik Trains arranged by the State Government and said ‘Nitish Babu ko hamara Ram Ram kahiyega.’
  • Giving information about this, an official spokesperson said that Mr. Manohar Lal has been personally monitoring the activity of special Shramik Train operations for sending stranded migrant labourers back to their respective home states.
  • He said that a special Shramik train today transported 1205 Agricultural labourers to their home states from Hisar to Katihar. Mr. Manohar Lal interacted with the labourers over mobile video call to took feedback from them regarding the arrangements to ensure that there are no lapses and asked after their well being before they boarded the train, he added. He said that the Chief Minister was informed by the agricultural labourers that they are being provided with food and accommodations at various shelter homes set up by the State Government and have even undergone medical screening ahead of their journey.
  • Ankeesh Kumar, a resident of Madhepura, Bihar, said that the Haryana Government has been of great help during the lockdown, but he was missing his house. Expressing happiness over his return, he said that the family members have also been called and told by the Haryana government that has made all arrangements for agricultural labourers like him to return home by the special train.
  • Two other migrant agricultural labourers, Prakash Mandal and Pawan Kumar who are residents of Madhepura, said that the fare to reach their house by train is more than Rs 600 and at the moment they did not even have that much money but because of the arrangement made by the Haryana Government, now they will be able to return home safely without spending a single rupee.
  • Another labourer, Makhan, a resident of Katihar said that 26 of his associates and him were getting all the facilities like food and medical assistance but still he felt like meeting his family. There was a ray of hope when he was informed that the Haryana Government is helping stranded migrant labourers to return home. After health checks and other formalities, he was brought to Hisar via bus where arrangements were already made for their stay and eventual departure.
  • Ahead of the departure of the three Shramik trains leaving tomorrow from Ambala to Katihar in Bihar, Hisar to Muzaffarpur in Bihar, and Rewari to Sagar in Madhya Pradesh which are carrying stranded migrant labourers who are associated with agricultural activities, Additional Director General of Police CID, Mr. Anil Rao said that about 3600 stranded migrant labourers who have been identified for departure for tomorrow’s scheduled trains were brought to the shelter homes set up by the State Government. He said that all arrangements regarding their food, stay and medical screening were taken care of by the Administrations. The fare of the railways for their return has been borne by the Government, he added.
  • He further said that special attention is being given to social distancing in the shelter homes, on the station platforms, and in the trains where 1200 labourers are being sent per train. Food packets and medical assistance is also made available to them during their journey.
  • Chandigarh, May 6– Haryana Chief Minister Mr. Manohar Lal has appealed to the farmers of the state to promote water conservation and save water for the future generations in the same way they leave their land as inheritance for their coming generations.
  • He said that at present if the farmers save water for the future generations, only then the land would be of use to them and with this objective the State Government has launched ‘Mera Pani- Meri Virasat’ scheme today. Under this scheme, farmers who switch to alternate crop in place of paddy during this season would be given an incentive of Rs. 7000 per acre.
  • The Chief Minister made this announcement while interacting with the people of the State during the 'Haryana Aaj' program, today.
  • The Chief Minister said that at present some part of the state has become dark zone, which comprises 36 blocks, where rate of depletion of ground water level has doubled in the last 12 years. It means that where the ground water level was earlier at 20 meters, it has now further depleted to 40 meters. He said that there are 19 such blocks, where the water depth has exceeded 40 meters. However, out of these 19, there are 11 blocks in which Paddy is not sown. He informed that eight paddy-rich blocks including Ratia, Siwan, Guhla, Pipli, Shahabad, Babain, Ismailabad and Sirsa, where the depth of ground water level exceeds 40 meters, would be included in this scheme.
  • He said that the land under the Panchayat, where the depth of ground water is more than 35 meters, permission would not be given to sow paddy in those Panchayat land. Incentive amount would be given to the concerned Gram Panchayat only. He said that apart from these blocks, if the farmers of the remaining blocks also want to stop sowing paddy, then they can apply for the incentive amount by giving information in advance.
  • He urged the farmers to make up their minds to sow crops which require less water than paddy, such as maize, arhar, urad, guar, cotton, bajra, til and grishm moong (Baisakhi moong), to ensure availability of water for future generations.
  • He said that agricultural equipment required for maize sowing will also be arranged by the State Government. Apart from this, dryers will be provided in the mandis for maize. He said that 80 percent subsidy is being given to the farmers who have adopted micro- irrigation and drip irrigation system along with growing alternative crops in place of paddy. He said that a few companies would be empanelled to provide the best quality maize seeds to the farmers. He assured the farmers that the State Government would purchase maize and pulses at the minimum support price.
  • The Chief Minister said to ensure awareness among farmers wide publicity would be given to the water conservation scheme. A web portal would also be developed having all the necessary information about the scheme and efforts would be made to resolve the difficulties faced by the farmers’.
  • The Chief Minister said that such detailed plans for water conservation should have been made 15 to 20 years ago. He said that the State Government is also ensuring the availability of Haryana’s water share from other states, be it from Lakhwar, Kishau and Renuka dams or Satluj Yamuna Link canal. This is being done so that the water especially reaches south Haryana. He said that arrangements are being made to ensure the availability of drinking water, as well as water for the industries.
  • The Chief Minister said that the Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi himself had praised Haryana when the State Government had announced the scheme for water conservation last year. He shared that the subject of water conservation is very close to the Prime Minister’s heart and many schemes on this subject are also being run by the Central Government.
  • Clarifying that no fare is being charged from the migrant labourers who wish to return to their home states, the Chief Minister said that State Government has made elaborate arrangements to send migrant labourers to their home states free of cost in a safe and systematic manner. He said that even today about 1200 migrant labourers have been sent free of cost by special train from Hisar to Katihar, Bihar. He urged the migrants not to believe anyone asking money for the same.
  • The Chief Minister said that while arrangements to send the migrant agricultural labourers back to their home states have already been made by the State Government and the government is constantly making plans to send others also who are left.
  • Sharing the details about the procurement, Chief Minister said that the procurement process of Wheat and Mustard is progressing smoothly. So far, more than 50 lakh metric tonnes of Wheat and 4.50 lakh metric tonnes of Mustard have been procured. He said that Rs. 800 crore and Rs. 820 crore have been released by the State Government for payment of Wheat and Mustard.
  • The Chief Minister also informed that the parole period of prisoners who were released on parole in the month of March have been granted extension in parole for further 5 weeks, as per the information received from Union Home Ministry.
  • The Chief Minister said that after relaxations, many markets have opened, therefore the people should strictly adhere to the social distancing norms, wear mask and use sanitizers, so that the economic activities can be continued in a smooth manner.