Press Releases

07 December 2019
07 December 2019

  • Chandigarh, December 7– Haryana Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Lal today presided over a review meeting of the project of mapping of land properties and other features in the state being undertaken through survey of India, at Gurugram. Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Dushyant Chautala was also present in this meeting.
  • During the meeting, the Chief Minister appraised about the status and the work being done regarding the land mapping in Sirsi village in Karnal district. The Chief Minister said the villages had demanded to increase the Lal Dora, but the State Government has decided to make such arrangements to end Lal Dora. He said that for this, a pilot project has been started in village Sirsi in Karnal district under which different types of land have been identified by measuring the area of the entire village.
  • Deputy Commissioner, Karnal Mr. Vinay Pratap Singh said that every property of this village has been identified and its ID has been generated. After this, all the villagers have been informed through the Gram Panchayat to confirm the corrections made in the data pasted on the notice board and to submit their objection by December 24. He said that after making corrections, the record of the entire land of the village will be done in a systematic manner. After this the title document will be given to each owner.
  • He said that the same project will also be implemented in the other five villages of Karnal district and the same project will also be launched in five villages each inf 15 districts of the State. He said that the process of ending Lal Dora in 75 villages will be started. Additional Principal Secretary to Chief Minister, Mr. V Umashankar said that such mapping has already been done in Gurugram city.
  • Chandigarh, December 7 – Haryana Chief Minister Mr. Manohar Lal inaugurated a Beauty and Wellness Center at Gurugram today. The Beauty and Wellness Center has been set up under the Haryana Skill Development Mission.
  • After the inauguration he also visited the training center where the training is being imparted to the girl students.
  • Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Minister said that this center has been launched with the aim of making the youth self-reliant and giving them employment opportunities. Apart from Gurugram, the Beauty and Wellness Centers have been opened in Hisar, Kurukshetra and Rohtak, under the Haryana Skill Development Mission. About 1490 youth are being trained in these centers. In this training centre, three courses of three months duration are being run by Shree Ram Vocational and Cultural Society. The Courses include Assistant Beauty Therapist, Wellness Neuro therapist and Senior Beauty Therapist.
  • After inaugurating the center, the Chief Minister gave certificates to the first batch of 15 students who got selected in Amlot Company for six months training in aerospace sector under Haryana Skill Development Mission. Haryana Skill development Mission Director, Mr. Raj Nehru said that for this training, more than 800 competent youth were registered under this mission, out of which around 100 students were interviewed and after their final examination and 15 children were selected. He further shared that after training, these children will be given placements in this company.
  • Chandigarh, December 7 – In a bid to make Gurugram a super smart city of Haryana and to provide public facilities available through technology, Haryana Chief Minister Mr. Manohar Lal today inaugurated Integrated command and Control Centre (ICCC) at Gurugram.
  • The Center has been built a cost of Rs 38 crore. Gurugram has become the first such city in the state with such facility. Union Minister of State for Statistics and Programme Implementation, Mr. Rao Inderjit Singh was also present on the occasion.
  • On the occasion, the Chief Minister was apprised that all the government buildings and police stations of the city will be connected with the Fiber network, but currently 160 government buildings and police stations of the city have been connected with this network. The Chief Minister was apprised that with the help of three agencies, so far 400 km of optical fiber has been laid in the city and all the government buildings and adjoining gram panchayats of the city will be connected with the clout network of the data center. The center provides online real time access, evaluation and reporting of data for decisions, paperless work, high speed bandwidth with Wi-Fi and internet facilities as well as video conferencing facility in various offices.
  • The Chief Minister was informed that in order to make Gurugram Smart City, the facilities such as integrated smart services at this center, the facility of CCTV system for data analysis and monitoring, traffic control and management, property and land record management, public traffic, street light monitoring and control, solid waste management, STP of water Quality Monitoring, Drinking Water Supply Monitoring, Environmental Monitoring, Urban Service Cooperation Center and public participation through Mobile Apps has been given.
  • The Chief Executive Officer of Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority, Mr. V Umashankar informed that within the next 6 to 9 months, all the government buildings in the city will be equipped with public Wi-Fi system. Apart from this, a mobile app has also been developed for this command and control center by bringing the entire citizen services to the citizens on one platform so that the public can access the live facility through the mobile app. He shared that this app is on trial and will be launched soon. In this control center, to integrate smart services in future, water supply system monitoring and control, public Wi-Fi facility in the city, smart parking, monitoring and control of power distribution system, various message signals and property management will be added. Efforts should be made to provide maximum facilities to the people.
  • Mr. V Umashankar shared that to increase the reach of this center, plans have been made by marking 358 intersection points and 1200 CCTV cameras will be installed. At present, 250 CCTV cameras have been operated, covering 50 intersection points at present. He informed that 1200 CCTV cameras will be operational on 222 crossings by March-2020. He informed that in this center, besides speed, identification, number plate, color identification of the vehicle, two-wheeler drivers without helmet can be identified. Not only this, with the help of cameras, in the event of road pits, water logging and picketing performance, facial recognition along with crowd counting facility will be possible.
  • The Chief Executive Officer of GMDA apprised the Chief Minister that the smart street light facility can also be controlled from this center. Apart from this, monitoring of vehicles engaged in solid waste management work will also be done from this center. Drinking water supply meters have been integrated with this center and STPs have also been added. Smart environment meters installed to check pollution status in various areas of the city are also connected to this center which will give information about AQI.
  • On this occasion, the Chief Minister, through video conferencing, interacted with the people of two-three villages connected with the optical fiber network and said that with the introduction of fiber cable in their village, internet will be provided in the village and there will be easy exchange of information.
  • Chandigarh, December 7- Haryana Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Lal laid the foundation stone of the Freedom Fighter memorial at Gurugram today.
  • The memorial will be built by Municipal Corporation Gurugram, for which an amount of about Rs 2.5 crore will be spent. This memorial will be ready in about six months. The names of about 250 freedom fighters from across the district will be written on this memorial. Apart from this, a digital library will also be built here where literature related to freedom fighters will be kept. The memorial will also have pictures of freedom fighters from the 1857 revolution till now.
  • Several dignitaries were present on this occasion.
  • Chandigarh, December 7 – In a bid to make Gurugram pollution free, the old diesel auto running in city will go off the roads in a phased manner. This was decided in a high level meeting chaired by Haryana Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Lal held at Gurugram today.
  • In the meeting, discussions were also held to explore the possibilities of e-rickshaws and CNG-powered autos replacing the old diesel auto rickshaws.
  • The Chief Minister said that Gurugram is the Icon City of the State and to make it equivalent to international cities, measures are being taken to reduce vehicle pollution here. He said that in this series, it is necessary to remove the old auto rickshaws from the roads, but while doing so, measures will also have to be taken regarding the employment of those auto drivers. He said that auto rickshaw is a means of livelihood for poor people; therefore their interest should also be taken care of.
  • He said that all the Auto rickshaw divers, who are running old Autos, can be helped to get e-rickshaws or CNG autos, while some possibilities for this were also discussed in the meeting.
  • Additional Principal Secretary to Chief Minister, Mr. V Umashankar who is also the Chief Executive Officer of Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority, gave suggestions regarding the option of diesel autos.
  • Mr. Umashankar said that it would also be considered to link the auto rickshaw with the city bus service. Initially it will be started as a trial on a route. On this occasion Additional Deputy Commissioner and regional transport authority secretary Mr. Mohammad Imran Raza shared the complete details of the number of diesel autos running in the district and the registered auto rickshaw. He informed that more than 11 thousand diesel auto rickshaws are running in Gurugram city.