Press Releases

07 March 2020

  • Chandigarh, March 7 - Haryana Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Lal said that in the next three years roads having a length of more than three thousand kilometers, connecting from villages to villages and villages to towns will be constructed in the State. Apart from this, a plan will be made for providing 24 hours of power supply in every village and Dhani in the State, so that goal of ‘Mhara Gaon Jagamag Gaon’, ‘Mera Sher Jagmag Sher’ and ‘Meri Dhani Jagmag Dhani’ can be achieved.
  • The Chief Minister was addressing a Haryana Pragati rally held at village Kairu in Bhiwani district, today. Speaking on the occasion, he said the State Government is working on a plan to supply water to every household by 2022. In the coming five years, every family will be provided a roof so that no person remains homeless. On this occasion, the Chief Minister also announced special Girdawari for the hailstorm and to compensate the farmers for their loss.
  • He said that the work of the unpaved roads connecting to one village to another and villages to the cities having a width of more than six karam will be paved through the Public Works Department. Also, the unpaved roads with a width of less than six karam will also be paved through the marketing board. He said that approximately the roads covering three thousand kilometer distance will be paved in the next three years. Apart from this, the work of repairing roads in the state will also be continued. He said it has now been decided that in future roads to be constructed through marketing boards will be according to the standards of the Public Works Department, he added.
  • The Chief Minister said that about five years ago, the State Government had resolved to provide 24 hours power by strengthening the power supply system in the State and they are happy that now 24 hours electricity will be provided in 4500 villages out of 6500 villages in the State. He said that now the Government has planned that every village and Dhani in the State should get 24-hour power and every house should have power connections.
  • He said that to meet the water needs in the state, it is very important to stop the waste and theft of water. He said that water usage should be done judiciously and following the same motto, the State Government has promoted drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation. Apart from this, low power consumption motors are being provided. He said that under the ‘Nal Se Jal’ scheme, the State Government is dedicatedly working to provide clean water to every household.
  • He said that State Government has set a target of providing clean drinking water in every kitchen by June 30, 2022. He said that due to the efforts of the government during the last year, water was supplied to 293 tails out of 300 in the State. Even now there are many tails whose condition is bad and an amount of Rs 50 crore has been approved in this budget to fix all such tails.
  • Speaking on the issued of the damaged crops, the Chief Minister assured the farmers that they should not panic as those farmers who had insured their crops will be compensated by the insurance company, while the farmers, whose crops are not insured, will get compensation by the government. He said that for this work special Girdawari orders have also been given.
  • The Chief Minister informed that a DPR will soon be made for laying the railway line from Bhiwani to Loharu. He said that with the coming of the railway line in the area would witness further development. He said that all the families coming under the income of less than Rs one lakh 80 thousand will get the benefit of government welfare schemes. He said that the in the next five years, the State Government has a set a target of providing roof to every homeless in the State and for this the concerned departments have been asked to assess the condition of the houses in the State and accordingly the work for the same will be executed.
  • Calling upon the people present in the rally, the Chief Minister said that all the people should get Parivar Pehchan Patra and get themselves registered under the Mukhyamantri Parivar Samridhi Yojana. He informed that so far, 13 lakh cards have been made in the State. He said that the State Government has also decided to permanently resolve the problem of Lal Dora across the State.
  • The Chief Minister said that with the aim of securing the future of the Children of the state, the Government has decided that now for taking education loans, the students don’t have to give any guarantee, as now the State government will give a guarantee for them. Students will be able to pay the loan from their salary after studying and getting a job.
  • The Chief Minister said that if a person has any suggestion for the betterment of the people in the State, then the government is ready to implement such a suggestion. He said that the State Government has adopted the spirit of Antyodaya and has resolved to ensure its progress by reaching out to every individual.>
  • Earlier, the Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Minister, Mr. Jai Parkash Dalal said that ever since the government was formed in Haryana under the leadership of Mr. Manohar Lal, upliftment of every section of the society has been ensured.
  • Chandigarh, March 7 - Haryana Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Lal today said that the State people should take inspiration from the lives of great people like Raja Nahar Singh, Mahendra Pratap Singh, Deen Bandhu Sir Chhotu Ram, Maharani Kishori Devi, Seth Chhaju Ram, and Maharaja Suraj Mal who has dedicated their life for the upliftment of the country and society.
  • The Chief Minister was speaking as the Chief Guest of the annual function of the Jat Kalyan Sabha at the Community Center in Sector-4 of Gurugram district today.
  • Giving the slogan of 'Haryana Ek - Haryanvi Ek', the Chief Minister Mr. Manohar Lal said that the Jat community always works for protecting the country. He said that the Jat community is a combination of power and peace. He said that it is our responsibility to take all sections and castes of society together.
  • Speaking on the demand for the land raised by the Jat Kalyan Sabha, he said that further processing will be done for the said land as per the government procedure. On this occasion, the Chief Minister also released a souvenir of the Jat Kalyan Sabha.