Press Releases

09 May 2020
09 May 2020

  • Chandigarh, May 9 - In view of the important role of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) in economic and industrial development, Haryana Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Lal has made several announcements to bring these industries back on track. These include setting up of bank complaint information centers for redressal of issues related to banks by the Finance Department, extending the date of depositing electricity bills without penalty till May 31, to provide guarantee to MSMEs for bank loans from Small Industries Development Bank of India by the State Government, fixing the power rate at Rs 4.75 per unit for agriculture based industries up to 20 KW, and pre-fabricated housing for labourers in the factories itself.
  • The Chief Minister said this while interacting with the representatives of MSMEs along with the members of the Laghu Udyog Bharati Association of all the districts of the state through video conferencing here today. Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Dushyant Chautala, who also holds the portfolio of Industries and Commerce Department, was also present in the meeting.
  • The Chief Minister said that during the nationwide lockdown period, the economic activity of all the states was affected and now they are being re-opened in a phased manner. Haryana's Enterprise Promotion Policy, 2015 was appreciated all over the country. Now the State Government is committed to make the best industrial policy in the country again, a new Enterprise Promotion Policy will be formulated from August 2020, for which suggestions will be invited from all stakeholders, he added.
  • He said that the revenue collected in the last two months has been almost negligible. The revenue is mainly collected from GST, Excise, Stamp Duty, VAT refund from Central Government, and mining, he added. He said that these are now being operationalised in a phased manner. He assured that a separate Nodal Officer will be appointed for issues related to HSIIDC. In addition, issues related to VAT refunds of 2017 are being resolved in a timely manner. For about 1300 applications, a refund of Rs 162 crore has been made since April. He also assured to re-assess MSME's bank loans. The scheme to provide 10 percent working capital has also been announced by the Central Government, he added. The Chief Minister said that in long-term loans, the margin money taken from MSMEs will be reduced to 15 percent. During the lockdown period, adequate arrangements were made in Haryana in which the State Government has spent an amount of Rs. 1047 crore for the needy and various organizations have contributed Rs. 250 crore to the Haryana Corona Relief Fund, he added. He said that 72,000 people had registered on the COVID-19 Sangharsh Senani Portal and offered voluntarily to fight against the Battle of Corona.
  • In the meeting, Additional Principal Secretary to Chief Minister, Mr. V. Umashankar, Additional Chief Secretary, Power Department, Mr. T. C. Gupta, Additional Chief Secretary, Finance Department, Mr. T.V. S.N. Prasad, Principal Secretary, Industries and Commerce Department, Mr. Apoorva Kumar Singh and Director, Industries, Commerce Department, Mr. Saket Kumar, Labour Commissioner Mr. Pankaj Aggarwal, and Director Public Relations and Languages Department, Mr. P.C. Meena and other officers were present in the meeting.
  • Chandigarh, May 9 - Haryana Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Lal while reiterating State Government’s commitment to further accelerate industrial and economic activities, which remained hampered during the Nationwide lockdown period, said that those entrepreneurs who are willing to shift their manufacturing operations from China to India, would be given priority to invest in Haryana.
  • The Chief Minister was interacting with the people of the State during the 'Haryana Aaj' programme today.
  • He said that the investors from Japan, US, Korea, Germany, Australia and Taiwan are now exploring possibilities to invest in India instead of China and from the geographical perspective; Haryana is already the first choice of foreign investors. He said that in the last five years, an industry friendly atmosphere has been created in Haryana. In terms of ‘Ease of Doing Business’ in 2014, Haryana was ranked 16th in the country but now State’s ranking has improved to third position, and is ranked first in Northern India in ‘Ease of Doing Business’. He said that talks are underway with 60 multi-national companies for investment in Haryana.
  • The Chief Minister said that with the objective of industrial expansion throughout the State, a district-wise cluster scheme will be formulated for all the 22 districts. To boost the industries sector, road and rail network or any other infrastructure would be developed in future as per requirement. He said that this cluster- wise plan will not only give a big boost to industries but will also create ample employment opportunities.
  • He said that to make the State youth skilled and employment- worthy, training courses are being run by the Vishwakarma Skill Development University Haryana. Similarly, small courses would be started for the benefit of the youth.
  • The Chief Minister said that industrial activities have resumed in Haryana after certain relaxation during the lockdown. While divulging information about various types of concessions being given by the State Government to the industrial units, he said those industrial units whose electricity tariffs for the months of March, April and May would be half of the average of January and February, would be entitled to get a 25 percent rebate in the fixed charge. The remaining 75 percent amount will have to be deposited from July to December in 6 equal installments.
  • He said that in order to enable MSMEs to pay their workers on time, the facility of getting loans from the bank for payment of salaries upto Rs. 20,000 per worker has been made available, for which the Haryana Government will grant interest benefit upto 6 months, which will amount to Rs. 250 crore. He said no collateral or guarantee has to be given for this loan and if in future there is any such provision the State Government will address the issue.
  • He said that the interest of 2 month’s advance development charge (ADC) being given by the industries will be adjusted in the electricity bills. He said that Agro Industries with power connections of up to 20 KW, which till now were charged a rate of about Rs. 7.50 and Rs. 8, will have to pay Rs 4.75 per unit, from April 1, 2020. He said that this announcement was made during the budget and directions have been given to the department to implement it. He said that there are some disputes regarding allotment of plots by HSIIDC in the industrial area, for this a separate redressal mechanism will be put in place for early settlement of disputes. He said that Haryana had reformed most of the labour laws in 2017 for which other states are initiating action now. However, if further amendments are required in our labour laws, we will do the needful within a week so that neither the workers, nor the industrialists face any difficulty.
  • He said that those industrial units which have resumed operations will be given permission to make the housing arrangements for their labourers and workers inside their premises, so that they can run their operations while remaining in-situ.
  • He said that due to Corona Pandemic, the migration of labourers had started in the past but since the government is planning to give a momentum to the MSMEs operations, this number has started to decline. He said that now industrial activities have resumed in the state and presently about 13 lakh employees are engaged in different works and it is expected that now the migrant labourers will not return to their respective states. Even if the migrant workers wish to return, the State Government will make adequate arrangements for their departure. In the coming 7 days, migrant labourers will be sent to their homes by 100 trains. About 6 lakh people who have come from far-flung states of the country have registered themselves on the portal to return to their respective states.
  • Chandigarh, May 9 - Haryana Chief Minister Mr. Manohar Lal has said that special Shramik Trains are being run daily from various railway stations of the state to send the migrant labourers to their home states. In this series, four trains were sent from Haryana today in which about 3,600 migrant labourers have been sent to Bihar and Madhya Pradesh by three trains from Rewari and 1,200 migrant workers have been sent from to Bihar in a train from Bhiwani.
  • He said that these migrant workers have contributed significantly in the progress of the state. He said that we are all Indians despite being diverse and with this spirit and thought the Haryana government has started sending stranded migrant workers willing to go home to their home states at the expense of the state government. The Chief Minister said that all Indians living in any part of the country are one and it is the responsibility of all of us to mitigate their suffering.
  • Train departed from Rewari to Muzaffarpur and Kishanganj (Bihar) and Chhatarpur (Madhya Pradesh)
  • About 3600 migrant workers were sent from Rewari junction in three trains. Agricultural migrant workers of Rewari district were sent by special train to Muzaffarpur. Similarly, migrant workers of Mahendergarh district were sent to Kishanganj and Chhatarpur. For the third day consecutively, the maximum number of migrant labourers were sent through the three special trains.
  • Train departed from Bhiwani to Purnia (Bihar)
  • Of the 1,198 workers who left for their home states from Bhiwani railway station today, 712 migrant workers were from Dadri district and 486 were from Bhiwani district. The special labour train sent to Bihar consists of migrant workers from Purnia, Araria, Saharsa, Madhepura and Supaul in Bihar. As the train left, the migrant workers expressed their gratitude to the Haryana government.
  • Necessary arrangements made at railway stations
  • All the migrant labourers were brought to the railway station by a bus. Besides cleaning the platforms frequently with vacuum cleaners, the hands of the migrant labourers were also sanitized. The pamphlets of places like Purnia, Araria, Saharsa, Madhepura and Supaul etc. were pasted on each coach of the train, so that the passengers do not face any problem finding their berth.
  • Health check-ups of passengers, while maintaining social distancing
  • Health check-up of all migrant workers was conducted to prevent the spread of corona virus. Help desks were set-up in front of each compartment from where tickets were given to every passenger. The tickets for each passenger were stamped with ‘Paid for Haryana’, which means the expenses of travel for migrant labourers have been borne by the Haryana government. Sitting arrangements were made in such a way that the norms of social distancing were maintained and the passengers also followed the instructions given by the administration.
  • Missing our homes or else who would like to go from here
  • Talking to the migrant labourers at Bhiwani railway station, a worker said that the quality of food is good here, we will come here again, we are missing our families so we are leaving Haryana otherwise who would like to leave Haryana. Although the happiness to return to their home state reflected on the faces of migrant workers but the sadness of leaving Haryana was evident during the conversation.
  • Anil Marandi from Purnia, who boarded the train, told that he had come here to do farming. He did not face any problem here, but due to the lockdown, he has to go from here. Similarly, Chhote Lal from Purnia told that he did not want to leave but the circumstances of the family is such that he has to go.
  • Surendra Kumar Sharma said that he was working as a mechanic here, but due to the lock down, he has to go. Pink told Katiyar that he had no problem here, he would not leave from here if there was no lock down. Similarly, Mohammad Salaudin said that he was helpless and had to return and Lalo Rishi said that he had come to Loharu to harvest, but he had to go suddenly due to the present circumstances.
  • Similarly, Ladu Singh and Kundan Singh said that they had come here for crop harvesting and if there was no lockdown, they would have done some more work but he had to go. He also said that the Haryana government made proper arrangements for their departure.