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10 April 2021
10 April 2021

Chandigarh, 10 April. Haryana Chief Minister Sh. Manohar Lal said that few major projects will be started soon to connect Faridabad city, which is currently divided in three parts, to Greater Faridabad. The city of Faridabad will be directly linked to the KGP, for this, a detailed action plan will be prepared and submitted soon to NHAI.

Chief Minister Sh. Manohar Lal was addressing the first meeting of the Faridabad Metropolitan Development Authority (FMDA) on Saturday at the Mini Secretariat in Faridabad.

He said that the area of Faridabad across the canal will now be known as Greater Faridabad. Along with this, the entire border of Faridabad district which is 741 square kilometers long, which includes all rural and urban areas have been included in the FMDA. Special attention will be given to developing this area. He said that earlier many institutions like HSVP, Municipal Corporation, PWD, and Smart City used to do development work in Faridabad. Now all development works will come under FMDA and an Integrated Command and Control Center will also be created to coordinate the work.

The Chief Minister Sh. Manohar Lal said that Faridabad district is highly populated and vast in area in which 179 sectors have been developed. He said that due to some geographical reasons, Faridabad district has remained backward in development but now we will ensure that the pace of development is enhanced by handing over the main projects to FMDA. After the formation of FMDA, new systems will be generated to curb corruption. He informed that the road network systems of the entire district will be included in FMDA and construction of new road projects will be taken up by FMDA in the future.

He said that FMDA will also operate Rainwell, Drinking Water Pipeline, STP and CTP. For this, Rs. 105 crore will be required in the initial year. If necessary, the government will provide more funds. Apart from this, 2% stamp duty received by Urban Local Body out of which 1% will now go to FMDA.