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12 January 2022
12 January 2022

Chandigarh, January 12- Haryana Chief Minister, Sh. Manohar Lal has announced that 52 National Youth Awardees will be given employment in the Sports Department on the occasion of National Youth Day. He also announced that the the youth will be connected to Kamal Clubs which will be formed in 125 villages with a population of more than 10,000. The Chief Minister said this during the Blood Donation Camp organised by Bharat Vikas Parishad, Hansi on Swami Vivekananda Jayanti on Wednesday digitally.

The Chief Minister said that maximum number of youth would be added to the Kamal Club, first villages with a population of 10,000 persons would be considered, followed by those villages with a population of 8,000 persons and then gradually this Club would be established in the villages with lesser population. The primary purpose of this club is to connect youth with sports and other social activities so as to enhance their competence, intelligence and strength which will further help them to move forward in life. Samarpan Portal has been created for the youth who want to work voluntarily, he said. So far, 1300 youth have registered here. The youth will be involved in social work so that besides being amenable towards social service they are also inspired to indulge in such activities. The population aged between 18 and 35 years in the State is about 60 lakhs. This youth power should be used in sports, employment, government and private services, business as well as social service. There is immense power and energy in the youth, which should be used for the progress of the country.

Free passport being given to the youth who passed the degree

The Chief Minister said that Haryana Government is working to provide opportunities to the youth not only in the country but also abroad. Today, free of cost passports are being made for the youth passing out of college so that they can go abroad for pursuing education and employment. The government is also providing opportunities to the youth to begin new startups, so that industries can be promoted and new jobs are created. Haryana government is fully determined to take forward the youth power.

Swami Vivekananda gave new direction to the youth

Chief Minister, Sh. Manohar Lal said that Swami Vivekananda has been an inspiration for youth power. He (Swami Vivekanand) called upon the youth to get inspired and keep working till the goal is achieved. The real name of Swami Vivekananda was Narendra and today the Prime Minister of India is also Sh. Narendra Modi. Both took a pledge to serve the society and the country. Before becoming the Prime Minister, Sh. Narendra Modi had said in response to a question that his goal was to improve the image of leaders. He has followed the path shown by Swami Vivekanand and has done this work. The generations in future will remember him for this work. He said that youth are coming forward to realise this goal of the Prime Minister.

Haryana best in Sports The Chief Minister said that the Haryana Government has been running a continuous campaign to connect the youth of the age group of 18 to 35 years with education, culture, skill development and sports. Thus, Haryana is the hub of sports. Today, players from Haryana are share holders of 35 to 50 per cent of the total medals won by the country. The government is enhancing the sports facilities and the sports budget has also increased many manifolds. The Sports Minister of Haryana is also a player himself, who is inspiring the youth.

Blood Donation builds relations Chief Minister, Sh. Manohar Lal said that blood donation not only saves lives but also builds relationship. There is no substitute for blood. Therefore, youth should donate blood, this can save precious lives of people. He said that Bharat Vikas Parishad will organise blood donation camps continuously till January 26 in 39 branches, which is a commendable work.