Press Releases

19 September 2020

  • Chandigarh, September 19: Haryana Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Lal has accorded approval for the allocation/release of funds to the tune of over Rs. 5.66 crore to Municipal Corporation, Faridabad for various development woks including up-gradation of civil dispensary old Faridabad to Multi-speciality hospital and up-gradation of primary boys school to middle school in Old Faridabad.
  • While stating this here today, an official spokesman said that funds to the tune of over Rs 2.72 crore have been allocated for providing and laying of sewer lines in Ballabgarh area. These included Rs 86.43 lakh for providing and laying of sewer line at Baniyawara and Kumarwara in Ward No. 37 Ballabgarh, Rs 86.06 lakh for providing and laying of sewer line at Sihi gate road to disposal Sec-3, Tigaon road in Ward no. 36 Ballabgarh and Rs 99.59 lakh for providing and laying of sewer line at Milk Plant road to Ahirwara, Rajwara, Balmiki Basti Bainyawara, Kumarwara and Tigaon road Ballabgarh.
  • He said that similarly, funds of Rs. 99.76 lakh have been allocated for the up-gradation of civil dispensary old Faridabad to Multi-specialty hospital and up-gradation of primary boys school to middle school in Old Faridabad.
  • The spokesman said that while an amount of over Rs. 98.84 lakh has been allocated for providing and laying of 80 mm thick interlocking paver tiles for widening of parking of sector-11 market in Ward No. 33, funds of over Rs 95.65 lakh have been allocated for the work of Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) of M-20 grade on road for various streets in Ward No.37 of Municipal Corporation, Faridabad.
  • Chandigarh September, 19: While once again reiterating State Government’s commitment towards protection of farmers' interests, Haryana Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Lal, in an appeal issued here today, said that while one hand everyone in a democracy has the right to express their views, on the other maintaining peace in the state is also the utmost duty of any Government.
  • Mr. Manohar Lal said that the three Farm Ordinances are entirely in the interest of farmers and it is unfortunate to see that the opposition parties are blatantly politicizing the issue so as to achieve their vested interests by misleading the farmers.
  • Being a son of a farmer, Mr. Manohar Lal has urged the farmers to remember the appeal made by Deenbandhu Chaudhary Chhotu Ram in which he had said that they should recognize their enemies.
  • The Chief Minister said that at this time those who are spreading confusion about Ordinances promulgated by Central Government are the ones who are the real enemies of farmers and are trying just to serve their own political interests rather having any concern about farmers.
  • He requested the farmers associations that while holding a Statewide road blockade they should ensure that least inconvenience is caused to citizens and passengers
  • He said urged that special care should be taken to ensure no obstruction in the way is caused for any patients going to hospital, pregnant women and vehicles supplying essential commodities.
  • The Chief Minister said that in a democracy, everyone has a right to hold protest, but at the same time it is also important to ensure that the protest is held in a peaceful and lawful manner.
  • While cautioning farmers about the fact that at times under the guise of any protest, many anti-social elements try to spread violence just to fulfill their vested interests, the Chief Minister said that it is very important to remain vigilant against such anti-social elements.
  • Mr. Manohar Lal assured that being a farmer himself therefore interests of farmers will always be of paramount concern for him. If the farmers' interest in the Farm Ordinances had been at all affected, then he would have been the first person to oppose them, said the Chief Minister.
  • He alleged that the opposition leaders are repeatedly lying that in future farmers’ crops will not be sold at Minimum Support Price(MSP). He said that during his tenure in Haryana, in every season crops have been purchased at the MSP only and in future too government is committed to procure every single grain on MSP only.
  • Responding to questions raised by the opposition regarding closing of Government mandis in the coming future due to the promulgation of these Ordinances, Chief Minister expressed his resolve that the mandi system will not only continue as before but it will be strengthened even more so that farmers do not face any inconvenience while selling their crops.