प्रेस विज्ञप्ति

14 September 2021

Chandigarh, September 14- Haryana Chief Minister, Sh. Manohar Lal while extending greetings to the people of the State on the occasion of 'Hindi Diwas' today said that Hindi is one of the most popular languages not only in India but across the world. He elaborated that the language acts as a bridge which connects the people of India to each other. It is the responsibility of all Indians to promote and propagate the language, he added.

Tweeting in this regard, the Chief Minister said that - 'Hindi language is a symbol of National unity, cultural values and besides being the most simple, communicative language it has a major contribution in the development of our culture. He wished everyone a very Happy Hindi Diwas and urged the people to come together and feel proud of their language which unites us Indians in a single thread.

The Chief Minister urged the people of the State to take a pledge to progressively use the official language Hindi alongwith their mother tongue. He elaborated that the progress of the country is possible with the balanced use of both the mother tongue and official language. He said that India is a diverse country and Hindi language is a symbol of national unity and is an integral part of our identity and culture.