Press Releases

17 March 2020
17 March 2020

  • Chandigarh, March 17: Despite the threat of CORONA Virus and economic slowdown worldwide, the pro-activeness shown by Haryana Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Lal, bore fruits when the leading companies of South Korea and China evinced keen interest in making investment worth crores of rupees in the field of electric vehicles and Information Technology generating employment opportunities in the State.
  • The interest was shown by the investors during a meeting held under the Chairmanship of Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Lal to discuss various investment opportunities in Haryana, at Gurugram late last evening.
  • Edison Motors India, a leading South Korean Company and manufacturer of Electric Buses and Trucks offered to establish its manufacturing plant over 30 acre with an investment of over Rs 500 crore. This will also generate employment opportunities for about 500 to 800 youth. Similarly, the Chinese firm has shown keen interest in establishing the Head Quarter building in Gurugram with a potential of generating employment opportunities for 600 to 700 youth.
  • As a result of various facilities and clearances being provided to the entrepreneurs under one roof in a time bound manner, Haryana has become a favourable destination for the industries to set up their units in the State. In terms of Ease of Doing Business rankings, Haryana is currently at number three in the country and first in northern states.
  • The Chinese and Korean investors were highly impressed with the Chief Ministers Commitment to garner foreign investment by offering favourable atmosphere to the investors during this current world scenario.
  • Among those present in the meeting included Mr. Lee, Managing Director, Edison Motors India, Chinese Investor Mr Jerome Chen and Mr Pawan Choudhary , State Incharge of Invest India, a National Investment Promotion and Facilitation Agency, Chief Administrator HSVP Pankaj Yadav, HSVP Administrator Guru gram Jitender Yadav, Guru gram Divisional Commissioner Ashok Sangwan, Deputy Commissioner Amit Khatri, Estate Officer HSVP Vivek Kalia were also present.
  • Chandigarh, March 17 – The sixth meeting of Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) was held under the chairmanship of Haryana Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Lal, late in the evening yesterday at Gurugram. In this meeting, the Gurugram Metropolitan Corporation Bus Limited (GMCBL) discussed projects regarding the city bus service in detail.
  • In the last meeting held by the Chief Minister, the Gurugram Metropolitan Corporation Bus Limited (GMCBL), in consultation with the public representatives, reviewed the issues related to the bus route. During this review, GMCBL Chief Executive Officer Ms. Sonal Goel informed the Chief Minister that in view of the convenience of the public, the routes of some buses have been changed after discussing with the public representatives and RWA members. She informed that the city bus service operating till Bhondsi has now been extended to Sohna according to the demand of the people. She said that changes have also been made in the routes of buses for women by the GMCBL. Apart from this, city bus service has also been started by the GMCBL to Delhi and Faridabad, which has received a good response. According to an estimate, about 2 crore passengers have travelled by the city bus service, which started in the year 2018.
  • She informed that by the end of July, 47 new buses will be joining the fleet of the GMCBL buses. Presently, around 153 city buses are ferrying on 19 different routes in the district. She said that suggestions have also been invited by the general public for improving the city bus service so that positive changes can be made according to the expectations of the people. At the meeting, MLA Pataudi, Mr. Satyaprakash Jaravata demanded the city bus service to be till Pataudi, on which the Chief Minister directed the GMCBL officers to extend the bus service on way to Manesar till Bilaspur Chowk.
  • Speaking on the subject of revenue related to buses, the Chief Minister said that continuous monitoring of any new project is necessary. He said that if the project is monitored from the beginning, then its shortcomings can be removed on time. He directed to monitor carefully and to take immediate action against any kind of negligence. He discussed various topics, including the running coast of city bus service, revenue received from its, operating expenses.
  • Chandigarh, March 17:- Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal visited the Hathni Kund Barrage area and viewed the proposal to construct a new dam with a more water-holding capacity above the Hathni Kund Barrage near the Power Grid and villages Madho Bans and Banjara Bans, falling under Kalesar Gram Panchayat on Yamuna River today.
  • To explore the proposal of constructing a new dam with more water holding capacity above the Hathni Kund Barrage, the Chief Minister viewed the site and discussed the proposal in detail, with the officials of the Irrigation Department along with the officials of other departments.
  • Giving information about the same, an official spokesperson said that during his visit, the Chief Minister discussed the proposed layout plan of constructing a new dam above Hathni Kund Barrage. After going through the layout plan, the Chief Minister visited the rest house of the forest department at village Madho Bans and inspected the proposed area while standing on the bank of Yamuna River.
  • At the rest house, the Chief Minister Manohar Lal held a meeting and discussed the proposal of constructing a new dam with the officials of the irrigation department and other concerned departments.
  • While holding a meeting and showing his concern to prevent the area from flood-like situation during heavy rains, The Chief Minister said that the State government have been planning to acquire land of some villages of Himachal Pradesh along with village Kalesar, Madho Bans and Banjara Bans, to construct a dam with higher water holding capacity in order to prevent the nearby areas from flood-like situations during the heavy rains as the flow of the water is not allowed in the canals during the rains and the possibility of flood-like situation increases while releasing water in the Yamuna River from Hathni Kund Barrage. The Chief Minister said that the proposal of constructing the dam will also be discussed with the Government of Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.
  • Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal instructed the senior officials of the Irrigation Department of Haryana during the meeting that there is heavy rainfall in the mountains and glaciers also melt during summers and the water goes waste in the rivers during the rainy season which arises the flood-like situations, so the proposal of constructing a big dam above the Hathni Kund Barrage on the Yamuna river, should be inspected before initiating the work plan of constructing the dam.
  • He said that in southern Haryana, the canal irrigation system can be strengthened by constructing the dams. Moreover, Hydroelectric power houses can also be built on these dams, The Chief Minister added.
  • He instructed the concerned officers to initiate the work of filling up all the ponds of Southern Haryana with the water of Yamuna and other rivers in order to use rain and the river water.
  • He said that Motor of 65-70 Horsepower is required to be installed on the tube wells in the fields of southern Haryana region and if there will be a facility of irrigation using canal water, then there would be no need for these motors and farmers will be able to irrigate their fields with fresh water which will also improve the water level.
  • Education Minister, Mr. Kanwar Pal and Additional Chief Secretary Irrigation and Water Resources, Mr. Devender Singh was also present while inspecting the site.
  • During his visit, The Chief Minister also visited Lal Dhang at the border of Haryana Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh. Later the Chief Minister performed 'Jalabhishek' at Shri Mahakaleshwar Math, Kalesar in Yamunanagar
  • Chandigarh, March 17- Haryana Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Lal chaired the sixth meeting of the Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) at the Public Works Department’s Rest House in Gurugram late last evening. In this meeting, the authority's budget proposals for the year 2020-21 were approved.
  • Sharing more information in this regard, an official spokesperson said that in the year 2020-21, GMDA will spend an amount of Rs 1608.83 crore on various heads while Rs 1173 crore will be earned from various income sources. Accordingly, the deficit shown in the expenditure and receipt budget amounting to Rs 435.83 crore may also, be compensated out of the EDC by the Town and Country Planning Department for the notified area after the inception of GMDA which is approximately Rs 2700 crore.
  • The Spokesman said the passed budget proposals show that GMDA will get an amount of about 250.52 crore from Cesses and Charges. While an amount of Rs. 249.22 Crore will be earned mainly from Water billing and Water Tank charges. Apart from this, an income of about Rs 40 lakhs will be received from the booking of GMDA Sports Stadium (Tau Devi Lal Stadium Sector-38) and about Rs. 90 lakhs will be received from Traffic Management. Similarly, an income of Rs 250 crore will be received from Fees and Stamp Duty and Rs 627.48 crore will be received as External Development Charges. Apart from this, the receivable EDC of the Previous Financial Years is estimated to be around Rs 20 crore and about Rs 25 crore will be earned as Interest from the bank’s deposits.
  • It was decided in the meeting, GMDA will get one percent of the stamp duty for the April 1, 2020, and for this, a notification will be issued by the Revenue Department soon. It was informed that the EDC amount of Rs 627.48 crore will be provided by the Town and Country Planning Department. This includes the EDC amount of about 105 crores for the financial year 2019-20, whose recovery is pending.
  • On this occasion, Chief Executive Officer GMDA, Mr. VS Kundu said that GMDA has undertaken some projects based on an amount of Rs 500 crore received from Municipal Corporation Gurugram (MCG). This amount will be returned to the MCG after receiving the EDC amount.
  • The budget proposal shows that an amount of about 528.21 crores has been spent on capital works by GMDA, out of which Rs. 338.26 crores has been spent for infrastructure development, Rs. 100.95 crore for mobility management, Rs. 15.50 crore for urban environment and Rs. 73.50 crore for social infrastructure. Apart from this, an amount of Rs 522.48 crore will be spent on Capital works- EDC. Not only this, an amount of Rs 495.30 crore will be spent on operations and maintenance, in which Rs 244.77 crore is proposed to be spent on maintenance of roads, Rs 250.53 crore on water supply, sewerage, and drainage. An amount of about Rs 48.72 crore will be spent on establishment and administration, Rs 9.12 crore on GIS and Rs 5 crore on other works.
  • Additional Chief Secretary Environment and Climate Change Department, Mrs. Dheera Khandelwal, Gurugram Mayor, Mrs. Madhu Azad, Senior Deputy Mayor, Mrs. Promila Kablana was present in the meeting. While, Additional Chief Secretary, Power Department Mr. T. C. Gupta, Additional Chief Secretary, Finance Department, Mr. T.V.S.N. Prasad, and Mr. Apoorva Kumar Singh also attended the meeting through video conferencing from Chandigarh.