Press Releases

21 March 2020
21 March 2020

  • Chandigarh March 21- Haryana Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Lal said that during ‘Janta Curfew’ i.e on Sunday tomorrow, essential commodities including Grocery shops, petrol pumps, Chemist will remain open. He urged the State people not to fear and panic rather strongly adhere to the appeal of ‘Janta Curfew’ on March 22, 2020, made by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi for protection against the Novel Corona virus.
  • The Chief Minister gave these directions while presiding over a review meeting with all Deputy Commissioners, District Food and Supplies Controllers and grocery wholesalers, retailers and vendors through video conferencing here today. During the meeting, Chief Minister issued various directions in view of the need to meet the potential challenges posed by the Corona virus.
  • The Chief Minister directed that the Deputy Commissioners will ensure in their respective districts that there is no shortage of any essential commodities and there is no unnecessary increase in wholesale and grocery rates of essential commodities and all necessary steps should be taken to stop profiteering and hoarding. Apart from this, if necessary, all the Deputy Commissioners can take necessary action in their districts to close such establishments which are not connected with essential goods and services.
  • The Chief Minister urged that in this need of the hour, the people associated with all types of business located in the State should take special care of their employees who are on leave in this period and treat them as their families by following a humanitarian approach by not deducting their salary and providing them full support.
  • He said that as Rabi procurement-2020 is now going to start from April 1, therefore in order to prevent the mass gathering of people in the grain markets, a staggering arrangement for the arrival of wheat should also be considered.
  • The Chief Minister said that all the Deputy Commissioners should also discourage ‘Panic buying’ in their respective areas so that people do not buy excess goods and apart from this, they should also make the public aware that the normal supply of essential goods will continue.
  • The Chief Minister said that the State Government will ensure that there is no obstruction in the supply and transportation of essential commodities and all necessary support will be given to the traders. He said that to overcome the risk of the spread of the virus, all merchants should promote cashless transactions in place of cash, as numerous necessary steps have already been taken by the State Government to promote cashless transactions.
  • The Chief Minister directed the District Deputy Commissioners to make public awareness in their respective districts that they should not pay attention to any rumors.
  • In the meeting, Chief Secretary, Mrs. Keshni Anand Arora, Additional Chief Secretary, Revenue and Disaster Management Department, Mr. Dhanpat Singh, Additional Chief Secretary, Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Affairs Department, Mr. P.K Das, Additional Chief Secretary, Health and Family Welfare Department, Mr. Rajiv Arora, Additional Chief Secretary, Finance Department, Mr. T. V. S. N. Prasad, Additional Principal Secretary to Chief Minister, Mr. V. Umashankar and other senior officers were present.
  • Chandigarh, March 21- Haryana Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Lal today held a meeting with all the Deputy Commissioners and drug dealers' organizations through video conference and requested the Chemists to maintain the adequate supply of all types of medicines, masks, and sanitizers.
  • In the meeting, it was informed that the Government of India has fixed Rs 8 for 2 ply masks and Rs 10 for 3 ply masks and Rs. 100 for a 200 ml bottle of sanitizer under the Essential Commodities Act, therefore, all sellers should not sell these items above the fixed-rate and also do not indulge in black marketing.
  • The Chief Minister said that if there is a shortage of sanitizer in any district, then the concerned Deputy Commissioner should coordinate with the manufacturers or vendors of other districts to ensure an adequate supply of the same. He said that the availability of raw materials like isopropyl alcohol etc. used for the manufacturing of sanitizer is also being ensured by the government.
  • All the drug dealers assured the Chief Minister, that the availability of sanitizers, masks, and needy medicines, etc. would be made available at fixed rates by the government.
  • Chandigarh, March 21- Haryana Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Lal said that we all have to fight together against the Novel Corona Virus by staying at home and maintain social distancing so as to make the Janta Curfew call as given by the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi on Sunday i.e March 22 a success.
  • The Chief Minister said this while giving a message to the State people for protection against the Novel Corona virus.
  • He said that right now the virus is in the second stage, while the third and fourth stage of the virus is very dangerous; therefore we have to fight against this as a challenge and this fight should be fought by maintaining social distancing.
  • He said that in history also, we have faced many such challenges, which were fought mutually but this time the biggest difference is that this fight is very different and we have to fight this together but by maintaining social distancing and we have to stand individually and without contacting each other.
  • While appealing to the people of the State, the Chief Minister said that for protection against the Novel Corona virus, we have to stay back at our homes and do our work. Though people associated with the essential services including policemen, chemist, medical staff, health services, traders and media persons will do their work, the necessary arrangements will be made for their safety but the rest of the people have to ensure that they should stay back home and fight against the virus. He said that the Transportation the system will run only as per the requirement.
  • He said that the Corona Virus stays active for 8-12 hours but if we stay back at our home and do not meet anyone and keep ourselves isolated from each other from 7 Am to 9 Pm on Sunday which is a period of 14 hours, then we can certainly break the chain and this virus chain is broken and our safety the chain will be strengthened.
  • This chain of the virus is like that enemy, which can only be carried by us to our homes, therefore no contact of any person should be made and we have to work with the slogan of ‘Hum sawasth to jag sawasth’. We also have to ensure the compliance of all the directions and guidelines which are being given from time to time by the Center and State Government. We have to ensure that we follow the guidelines in letter and spirit.
  • He said that if any person has any suggestion, a helpline number 855 889 39 11 at the State Level has been started so that we can use this helpline to report and resolve any case. Similarly a helpline number- 108 has also been started at the district level.
  • He said that sirens will be blown in cities in the evening at 5.00 pm and arrangements will be made in the villages as well and everyone should express their gratitude to the people engaged in essential service by beating their thali, and clapping.
  • He said, "I assure you that there will be no shortage of any essential commodities and all the arrangements have been made for this. Therefore people should not fear or indulge in the stocking of any items.
  • He again appealed to the people to jointly work towards making the Janta curfew a success.