Vision, Mission & Oath

Vision Mission

Dear Citizens

We envisage Haryana as a vibrant, dynamic and resurgent unit of federal India. A state where farms overflow with produce; the wheels of industry grind uninterrupted; none feels deprived; people have a sense of fulfillment, the youth has a sense of pride, and women enjoy not only safety, security and equal opportunities but also feel empowered. "Antyodaya", minimum government and maximum governance, and making the state a better place to live in, constitute the bedrock of our vision.

Our government has worked to ensure seamless growth of all parts of Haryana. We are determined to give industrialization and job creation a decisive push through calibrated thrust on manufacturing activity and iron out the blips that come to snarl power generation and equitable distribution.

We have taken steps to fertilize farming with latest know-how to make it profitable, and broken e-ground in many a field, especially education, in what is being billed as a Digital Haryana in the making.

Keeping tabs on the pulse of the people, ours is a government with a difference. Reflecting out-of-box thinking and fresh approach to issues, we seek to redefine concepts and induce new thought processes.

We have put in place a transparent, graft-free and responsive administration which has begun to nibble at the legacy of opaque decision-making and iniquitous distribution of resources. An administration, that feels and cares for the people who have vainly craved for it, for long. Given the massive mandate of the people, we have worked assiduously to actualize people’s aspirations by building a bond of trust with them, a bond that rests on the pillar of people-friendly governance.

Having delivered on all fronts, the people of Haryana have accepted us. We have valued and shall continue to value your views; your expectations will serve us as guidelines; and you will always remain our source of strength. Let me assure you that we shall never let you down.

Manohar Lal

Chief Minister, Haryana